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The inception of Mimanso Group is the result of sincere and genuine concern by a team of technocrats for the environment, scarcity of essential resources and thereby massive problems plaguing every individual. Mimanso Group was formed with a motive of involving wider sections of the society in Research & Development to find solution to the various problems arising out of the scarcity of essential resources.

All that we have achieved are just simple milestones in the long journey that we have set out to travel. We hope, with the support of one and all, we should be able to contribute substantially to the society and the country. We have identified key issues and their solutions in the field of Environment, Power, Water, Gas, Health Care and Agriculture. We, in the days to come, are planning to come out with more sector specific solutions.

The exciting journey has just begun. We are also planning, in the days to come, to encourage the research and development in every field that matters. The young mind has a huge potential and all that we need to do is to provide proper infrastructure and a perfect launching pad.

We strongly feel that the standard of living of the Asia Pacific region and the society can be changed by well implemented TechKnowBank. We understand from our past experience that Rural Population has a huge potential. Many sparkling ideas have died its own death due to lack of proper support. Many such ideas have been stolen and exploited by some greedy and unethical business people.

Mimanso Group is a mission rather than just a business venture. We hope, with the help and encouragement from every walk of life, to bring in a small change in Asian Society.

Key Members of the Group

Ram Sudanthi

A Citizen of USA and of Indian origin, is a multi dimensional personality with never diminishing fervor for innovation and excellence. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from SIT, Tumkur, India and went on to pursue his MS in Computer Science from Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA. During his long international career of over four decades, that has seen many twists and turns, he has handled multiple ventures including IT, Finance and International trade. He was also a part teaching fraternity for a period of 11 years. He was a Professor, Math and CS dept, University of Texas, Edinburg, Texas, USA. He is a level headed professional with an eye for basics.

Dato Seri Pangaliama Maharaja G.T. Amuthan

He is a well acclaimed precision engineer with an eye for innovation. He has earned many appreciation and admiration from the industry and the government alike. Notable among many appreciations that were received by him are one from CSD (Commission on Sustainable Development), The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, Singapore and one from Gulf Air. Before joining the industry, he earned his Graduation in Engineering from Institute of Technical Education College, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

Raju Visshwanath

With over three decades of standing in IT and Process Automation achieved many successes in technological innovations. His never dying desire for bringing in technological revolution in the larger interest of mankind was the key to this project initiation. His dream of unleashing the technology to make the seemingly impossible to possible; drives him to work tirelessly on various issues that may have a substantial impact on human life.


Mimanso Corp is an Answer for Solutions to Accentuate & Accelerate Business Processes across Industries. Our 360 Degrees Approach & Holistic Methods find strength in a rock-solid team of Industry Veterans who bring in a collective experience in conjunction with expertise across multiple verticals. We are building a better ecosystem of Ideation, Execution & Growth supplemented by Intellect & Collaboration with Talent, Industry & Stakeholders.


Mimanso brings to the table on unique approach of CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING which involves a seamless execution of strategies, accumulated from its in house resources and augmented with research to facilitate impeccable decision making. Our Methods bring the best out of multiple verticals to identify gaps & problem areas as well as find solutions that bring efficiency and results.


Mimanso is proud of its team of vibrant professionals with a plethora of experience spanning multiple industries from technology, governance, administration on one hand to research, training, finance & design on the other. The team further finds its capabilities in our research facilities and in-house talent that collectively drive intellect & decision making in how we work with people and organizations.


We find our foundation in the General Principle of Common Good and Augmenting Growth with o healthy mix of Strategy, Creativity, Technology, Innovation, Research and Business Culture.


To Usher In A Whole New Mooning To Technology Deployment Through A Holistic Blend Of Intellect, Services, Research & Collaboration & Be The Game Changer In This Space.

Intellect Led Collaborative Research

Mimanso Labs is a Platform & Initiative to Drive and Inculcate Collaborative, Free Spirited and Intellect Led Research across Multiple Industries & Areas to Fuel Innovation & Help Bring a Fresh Outlook to Solving Real World Problems.


Mimanso TeknowBank is a platform for ideas to turn into viable enterprises while nurturing the Start-Up Ecosystem. In conjunction with our knowledge pool, mentors, corporate houses, development agencies, communities and investors, we are augmenting the future, growth and sustenance by aiding a rare set of entrepreneurs by incubating, mentoring, fast-tracking and funding intellect and innovation driven start-ups. We are of belief that with cross pollination, free-spirited research, suitable talent pool, collaboration and commissioning, entrepreneurship can bring about a disruptive change in the way we look at the world today. We engage with ventures & initiatives across technology, art, literature and impact areas like environment, energy, agriculture, healthcare, grassroots projects, social spheres and affordable technology. We are here to be instrumental in solving real world problems across geographies and markets.